Rx Delivery Service

Save time money with our free Rx Delivery Service

Rx Delivery Service FAQs

How much does it cost?

Nothing – our delivery is a free service. You only have to pay your prescription co-pay or prescription cost.

How do I pay for my co-pay?

Currently, co-pays for delivery prescriptions will be paid for by credit card, debit card or store charge account.

Who can use this service?

All Stillwater residents who fill or transfer their prescriptions to Tiger Drug Pharmacy are eligible for this service. We accept all major insurance plans including workman’s compensation.

How do I sign up?

Patients may call (405) 372-7900 to sign up for deliveries or just stop by and visit Tiger Drug.

How does the pharmacy get my prescriptions?

New prescriptions may be dropped off at the pharmacy or physicians may phone a new prescription into the pharmacy. Also, Tiger Drug may call physicians for any new prescriptions, or call your current pharmacy to have prescriptions transferred (some restrictions may apply).

How does the pharmacy know if I received my prescriptions?

When your prescription is delivered, you or your designated representative will sign a signature log for each prescription. If you or your designated representative are unavailable at time of delivery the prescription will be returned to the pharmacy or other arrangements can be made.

Save time and money for your family with our free Rx Delivery Service. Tiger Drug offers this convenient service to anyone in the Stillwater area.

Local delivery is available to businesses, homes, and nursing homes. We offer same-day delivery for all prescription orders.